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"Hosting a platform for artists and performers of all ages and places"

“Mary the Faery with Louise D’Arcy sing beautiful incantations from the realm of Fae. Green is the path with the magic rowan tree. Open the door and your dreams will set you free”

“Stripped down acoustic performance of original songs from a suitcase of genres including reggae, gypsy, jazz, Latin, country/folk and traditional Bulgarian with vocal, guitar, violin and flute.”

“Songs that tell stories of freedom and human connection, presenting a unique musical style that will captivate audiences who enjoy soul, funk and blues.”

“Faerie folk artist who brings magical music to the human realm. With an array of instruments and a unique voice similar to the likes of Kate Bush and Joanna Newson, her songs are haunting yet soothing.”

“Singer songwriter and all round good slice of pie, she is on an ever expanding musical journey from folk, rap, jazz to comedy and theatre, to the centre of the earth and back to write a song about it.”

“An instrumental trio (guitar, bass and drums) playing a fusion of Afrobeat, reggae, dub, funk and a splash of Latin. The main concept of the band is built up around improvisation and the generation of a dancing mood, a quality sound!”

“From their rock and dub hippy funk dance sound emerges a unique live band with an eclectic blend of vibrant music and soul filled lyrics, they have something for everyone.”

"Parlour Party people are THE BEST. Thanks for making The Bossa Bandits feel so welcome and for joining in with the grooves!!!"
(The Bossa Bandits)

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