Global Disco
Parlour Party
After Party

“A scenic panoramic soundscape that uses keyboards, guitar, analogue synths and vocal harmonising to create music that has been described as aural architecture.”

“Deep sub sounds from Finland producing dub since 1999”

Kangaroo Moon

“Critically acclaimed new album release Beyond The Radar means the sound of solid space grooves and deep bass lines topped off with a pinch of psychedelic sonic ambience is no longer beyond the radar."

“Journey through abstract tribal psydub, drum n bass and trance, hosted by quirky singers, flowing rap artists and not forgetting the filthy toad violinist: “Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe”

“Love child of a wartime knees up and a 90s rave, this swing n bass DJ producer sound system mixes vintage, vaudeville vibes with distinctly down and dirty drum n bass. He’s fresh, he’s fun, he’s all about the boogie.”

"Originally formed in Australia, the globe trotting troubadours of genre hopping cosmic electronica have a distinctive sound which is driven by a combination of traditional instruments fused with contemporary programming, synths and samples.”

“A new sonic language in the form of Johny Dar’s original vocal instrumentation aka ‘alien rap’, fused with Dan Vinci’s uplifting electronic house beats. Expect mesmeric hooks, dirty drops and serpentine rhythms.”

“Original fusionists who put a new outline onto the British musical map with the release of Temple Head, this electro-world music sound system takes audiences to new heights blending western, Asian and African influences, Whirl-y-Gig legends!”

"One of the world’s leading exponents of globally inspired eclectic electronica, mixing electronic with acoustic instruments and voices, his work defies genre classification. He will be closing Whirl-y-Fayre 2019 with a 30th anniversary classics set culminating with the spectacular parachute finale.”


“An accomplished psytrance producer and classically trained flute player, her passion for beautiful and intricate melodies will unite the dancefloor and make our hearts beat as one.”

“Celebrating 25 years of Oood (aka Out Of Our Depth), this is a real live trance band who have delivered hypnotic charismatic performances all around the world since the dawn of Goa. It’s Saturday night so let’s get out of our depth!”

“Keyboard player and second generation family member of the legendary Ozric Tentacles, his solo work experiments with musical alchemy taking us through the waters of the imagination, future parachute music at its best!”

"Musical soul selector, Monkey Pilot weaves a vibrant and tuneful web throughout the weekend creating space and energy between the live performances. From midnight on Friday and Saturday nights he presents the fabulously exciting Whirl-y-Gig Global Disco where deep drum n bass meets tribal trance and everything in between on one ecstatic dance floor, culminating on Saturday night with the legendary Parachute Experience."

“Well....what can I say, other than what an epic, exciting and sublime gig that was for us on Saturday night! On behalf of Zubzub, enormous, heartfelt gratitude to all the Whirly crew for having us back again and for the wonderful hospitality we are always shown. And, most of all, thanks to you, our stunning crowd, who gave off so much love and energy and danced your festy boots off, it took us to a higher level - you truly were a massive part of making the night what it was, so thanks for coming and putting it up there with our most favourite gigs!”
(Mark Fletcher)

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