Global Disco
Parlour Party
After Party

“Radium88 are based around composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Tim Thwaites and singer Jema Davies, making breathtakingly beautiful electronica-based music blended with elements of dub, classical, folk and psychedelia”

“Quanta brings you music that combines various worldwide influences and will take you on a down tempo path of glitched out beats and deep dub undertones”

Kangaroo Moon

“Nurtured in two cultures, two hemispheres, the European dream joining the ancient dream time of Australia, Kangaroo Moon weave many strands from world music, rock, folk and dance into a funky, psychedelic, heart lifting wall of sound"

“Orchid Star, helmed by the enigmatic Pete Ardron, create a unique experience through there world electronica fusion of influences. It is a sound to behold, fearless in its vision and sublime epic ambition yet fragile and very delicate in the details”

“Extremely talented Drum ‘n’ Bass producer and respected DJ, Orange Ade weaves global sounds and fresh melodies into slick, euphoric bangers! His first hit remix of Deep Forest was featured on our Global Disco compilation and ever since his sound has been a celebration of all things Whirl-y-Gig”

"Fronted by trumpeter and chief rabble-rouser Sam Ritchie and singer/songwriter Bloom De Wilde, Sam & the Womp create a unique alternative brass driven dance sound. They prioritize the party as they break free of conventional genres with a new flavour of Brass and Bass”

“It has been a long wait since hit whirly tune Instant Sunlight by Dub Touch was included on Whirl-y-Waves Vol.2, but this talented producer returns to the Whirly stage with an arsenal of newly produced anthems spanning dub, drum n bass, house and psytrance”

“It hasn’t taken long for Amsterdam based shamanic trio My Baby to cast a formidable spell taking the world by storm. The band aim to channel a primal awareness amidst hypnotic trance beats, shimmering soulful vocals and psychedelic riffs over blues roots and dubbed out funk”

"As a veteran of the chillout scene, Tripswitch has evolved into a producer of the finest deeply melodic, progressive house music. With a massive worldwide reputation we are honoured to have him close Whirl-y-Fayre with a full on dance set culminating in a tripped out parachute finale”


“One of the best loved and respected acts on the UK festival scene, Zetan Spore’s pumping psytrance is instantly recognisable. The brothers that are Zetan Spore form a unique synergistic partnership of electronics, didgeridoo fuelled tribal breaks and searing guitar riffs. Dance till you drop!”

“The Zubzub sound incorporates an epic musical feel, fused with cleverly-programmed, deliciously-groovy dance rhythms and seamlessly blending an eclectic variety of styles and genres; psytrance, drum and bass, strong techno, break-beats and dub are all covered and lavished with a psychedelic lushness. Also in the mix is a distinct taste for ethnic instruments and influence”

“Producer of the very finest chill out music, Child of Illusion has been a constant contributor to Whirl-y-Gig’s parachute music for many years but this will be his first complete and dedicated live parachute set at the Fayre.”

"Musical soul selector, Monkey Pilot weaves a tuneful web throughout the weekend creating space and energy between the live performances. From midnight on Friday and Saturday nights he presents Whirl-y-Gig Global Disco where deep drum n bass meets tribal trance and everything in between on one ecstatic dance floor, culminating on Saturday night with the legendary Parachute Experience"

“The intense atmosphere, the diverse clientele, that constant intimacy and openness, this is the way that Whirl-Y-Gig has been since its inception in the 1980’s.”
(Vice 2016)

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