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“Soundtrack production and performance duo, Animat open and expand our horizons with music of heart, integrity and depth.”

“Highly beautiful concoctions of ambient dub and deep house, Kuba music epitomises perfectly formed moments of aural brilliance.”

“Master producer of deep psychedelic dub with world infused sounds, Globular is a bubbling mass of virtual music designed to stimulate the ears, tickle the brain and move the body.”

“Technicolor technician and purveyor of Punjabi swamp music, Dr Trippy is skanking dub, spiced with eastern exoticism and splashed with a sense of fun.”

“Souring melodic flute accompanied by flying fiddle and groovy beats, Flutatious will have you dancing like a paper bag in a wind tunnel.”

"With live drums, bass, vocals and keyboards served hot on a bed of layered psychedelic squidge, Tetchi music can go from lazy Sunday to Friday night mash-up in the time it takes to peel an egg.”

“Legends of deep dub electronica since 1997 and all the way from New Zealand, Pitch Black build layered soundscapes cut with acid riffs and powered by thumping rhythmic grooves.”

“Legendary musician with almost mythical status as record producer for the famous, whose record labels and many unique projects from Killing Joke to The Orb, Celtic Cross and currently Dub Trees have sparkled and inspired, Youth always makes us dance and always in a psychedelic way.”

"All the way from Hungary via Frankfurt, musician, producer and master of the Oud (Arabic lute), Anjin Sun is a blistering fusion of Goa trance with middle-eastern harmonies and instruments.”

“Pioneers of psychedelic and euphoric trance, experimental techno and ambient dance, Astralasia will take us on an infinite journey across the cosmic dancefloor.”

“All the way from Reims in France, REGAL TRIP take organic natural trance and mix it with some afro electro wizardy. Vive la difference!”

"Ambient project mixing Ottoman classical and experimental electronica, Oudviber will be an exotic middle-eastern parachute finale!”

"Musical soul selector, Monkey Pilot weaves a web throughout the weekend creating space and energy between the live performances. From midnight on Friday and Saturday nights he presents Whirl-y-Gig Global Disco where deep drum n bass meets tribal trance and everything in between on one ecstatic dance floor, culminating in the legendary Parachute Experience."

“The intense atmosphere, the diverse clientele, that constant intimacy and openness, this is the way that Whirl-Y-Gig has been since its inception in the 1980’s.”
(Vice 2016)

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