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“The Spatialize sound of highly textured sonic ambience, unusual syncopated time signatures, solid space grooves and heavy bass lines, all topped off with a pinch of synth psychedelia, is the perfect way to open the doors of musical perception at this year’s Whirl-y-Fayre.”

“Behind the face of Akasha are two individuals who are determined to share their love of deep, psychedelic music. Between them they play bass, saxophone, guitar and flute producing music that combines various worldwide influences, culminating in trippy down-tempo psychedelic chilled-out dub. The new day begins here.”

"The Zongo Brigade deliver infectious West African vibes from Ghana via Sheffield, with diverse origins conflating to whip up their signature heady brew of afro beat, soul, funk and reggae otherwise dubbed Afro Fusion. With the leadership of K.O.G., the Ghanaian force of nature, they are a whirlwind of energy, rhythm, and uplifting musical unity. Perfect for Sunday afternoon!”

“Celt Islam is an English pioneering producer and peace activist playing transnational dubstep and electronica with a twist of the Orient. Using a fusion of music which combines Islamic and world grooves to create a dub driven dance crossover. Step forth!”

“Extremely talented Drum ‘n’ Bass producer and respected DJ, Orange Ade weaves global sounds with fresh rhythms into slick, euphoric bangers! From his first hit remix of Deep Forest, which was featured on our Global Disco CD, to his most recent triumphant headline at the Easter Peace Party, this is a celebration of all things Whirl-y-Gig.”

"Multi genre instrumental electronic dance production and a live band with influences of swing and ska, funk, folk, filth whilst wielding trumpet, flute, guitar, mandolin and a shit load of squelch! They rocked the Scala at our Summer Celebration in 2015, and they return to treat you at the Fayre!”

“Purveyors of the finest unpredictability since 1991, Transglobal Underground did more than most to give dance music a good name and to proselytize for world music. Pioneers then, pioneers still, TGU remain a creative force to be reckoned with. Headliners of our Summer Celebration, this will be their first time at the Fayre, and an emotional return for four of our brightest stars!”

“Kaya Project is the musical incarnation of Seb and Natasha Taylor. Based in the UK, the duo has achieved a name of world renown via their anthology of eclectically flavoured world fusion albums. The band will be appearing live at the Fayre with the magnificent Irina Mikhailova all the way from Portugal. This moment is not to be missed!”

"Toby Marks is the creative force behind Banco De Gaia and is a free thinker. He is also one of the world’s leading exponents of globally inspired eclectic electronica. Mixing electronic and acoustic instruments and voices, his work defies genre classification. The Fayre is a rare opportunity to preview material from the forthcoming long awaited new album and savour the full band experience; a dance delight culminating in the finest parachute finale.”

“One of the most loved and respected acts on the UK festival scene, Zetan Spore’s pumping psytrance is instantly recognisable. The brothers that are Zetan Spore form a unique synergistic partnership of electronics, guitar and didgeridoo, which adds a haunting, tribal element to their sound. Dance till you drop!”

"Distilling together today’s music and tribal accents, La P’tite Fumee are five musicians from southern France who get their inspiration from the Natural Trance style, thus allowing them to offer both original and heart hammering compositions thanks to a large scope of unusual instruments. Their tribal vibration will achieve the unbelievable!"

"Musical soul selector, Monkey Pilot weaves his web of delight throughout the weekend creating space and energy between the live performances and on Saturday night he presents the extended Whirl-y-Gig Global Disco. This is where deep drum n bass meets tribal trance and everything in between on one ecstatic dance floor, culminating in the legendary Parachute Experience!"

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